Funvisa supplies clients worldwide with Aluminium, Brass and Zamak high pressure die cast components of the highest quality.

With our extensive range of casting and machining equipment we are capable of producing components, both simple and complex, up to 10Kg in weight and over 1000mm in length. We are flexible to client needs with regard to series size; we currently produce production series from 500 parts to 500.000 parts.

Our up to date in-house technological knowledge fused with our network of key partners and external consultants always ensures that we supply the highest quality components via optimized processes. This efficient combination continually improves our processes and products, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and longer lasting relationships.

Funvisa manufactures your components a new 5.000 m2 factory equipped with the latest equipment and technologies. We are also busy developing a new warehouse for storage purposes so that further process optimisation can be achieved.

Household Appliances

We have helped many clients in co-design of their components, making sure that their designs are more easily cast and machined without subtracting from the technical and aesthetic requisites of the parts.

  • Drum Supports & pulleys for washing machines
  • Valve bodies for gas and liquid applications
  • Bases for Irons
  • Door handles and aesthetic components


With many lighting designs transitioning into LED based designs, we have used our expertise in heat dissipation to help clients realise designs for casings as well as the typical high specification finishing for more visible components.

  • External street lighting
  • Interior designer lighting
  • Supports and fixations
  • E-coated and painted products


The world of office furniture requires high end finishing, a range of aesthetically pleasing finishes and the highest quality specification. We have been providing solutions to two of the worlds´ top twenty furniture producers over the past ten years.

  • Chair bases; chromed, polished and painted
  • Arm supports and seat supports
  • Chair movement mechanisms and fixations
  • Shelving supports
  • Handles and hinges


Heat dissipation, exigent tolerances and technical surface finishing are some of the requisites we commonly deal with within the electric sectors.

  • Electric motor housings, covers, flanges and shields
  • Heat sinks for power electronics
  • Casings and enclosures for medium/high voltage installations


Low porosity components are critical for this industry, our in-house testing equipment and electronically controlled casting parameters, as well as X-ray quality control, ensures we meet client specifications. We are proud that our products remain reliable and secure.

  • Oil, Air and Grease Pumps
  • Electric pump casings and valves


Thermal heat exchangers and heating/cooling equipment needs severe leakage testing and expert knowledge on dissipation and low porosity levels; Funvisa supplies hi specification products to clients worldwide.

  • Radiators
  • Thermal exchangers
  • Heat dissipation mechanisms

  • 2 Central Melting Furnaces with capacity of 2 tonnes per hour
  • 11 Maintenance Furnaces coupled with casting presses

Die Casting

  • 11 Fully Automated Die Casting Cells from 180 to 1.200 Tonnes clamping capacity


  • 10 Fully Automated CNC Machining cells

Other Equipment

  • 4 types of Shot Blasting & Trovalising Machines
  • 2 Automated grinding, de-burring and polishing cells
  • 6 Manual Grinding Stations
  • 3 Drilling Stations
  • 4 Pneumatic Tapping Machines
  • Fully Furnished Laboratory
  • Fully Equipped Tool Maintenance Workshop
  • 2 Automated Cleaning Machines

The alloys we work with have unique characteristics which can be matched to suit your component´s technical requirements.

Our technical team will help you select the ideal material for your component.
A synopsis of the alloy properties, as well as the different die cast alloy compositions we use, can be found below: