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Funvisa offers a full range of services to accompany your component from initial concept right through to series production.

  • Design:
    Our technical team will collaborate with your own team for feedback on component design and possible improvements for casting & machining which normally leads to cost efficiencies. For tool design we complement our external partners tool design expertise so that the die cast mould is capable of producing the perfect cast part.
  • Casting, Machining & Finishing:
    Our production team will review and appraise each and every process in the search for component perfection. This is a never ending process and will benefit both parties as efficiencies are found and shared.
  • Surface Finishing:
    We have a network of trusted partners, who offer all types of surface finishing at the highest quality; from painting, powder coating through to galvanisation and KTL.
  • Assembly, Storage and Logistics:
    We have an external storage facility which helps meet the needs of client buffer and delivery requirements. We also sub-assemble simple components for various clients and are open to discuss product needs.

Pre-design (In house)

We think that the best way to find cost reductions is to involve us in your component design process at the earliest possible stage. By doing so we can give you our feedback on ways to make them easier to manufacture, and most probably reducing the time/cost spent on each part.

Once the component is optimised, we then begin the process of tool design with our key partners, making sure that the flow of material into the mould cavity is calculated to minimise any mis-runs and/or cold flow which can lead to increased porosity levels.

To help us in this task we use:

  • Solid works & Solid edge software (CAD/CAM)
  • Optimizing part design
  • Functionality & ease/cost of manufacture
  • Optimizing mould design (with external tool makers)
  • Porosity, fill and longevity
  • Casting simulation (Pro-cast)
  • Optimizing process design
  • Quality & ease of processing
  • Appraisal (internal & external) on casting parameters & secondary processing
  • Part Prototypes (if necessary)

Casting, Machining & Finishing:

Funvisa has over forty years experience in aluminium die-casting and benefits from a highly skilled workforce and the latest hi-tech production equipment. Our company is experienced in the die-casting of several different types of alloys, the majority in Aluminium, but also smaller quantities in Brass and Zamak.

The foundry counts on 11 automated die-casting & trimming cells with machines ranging from 200T to 1200T and 10 CNC machining stations as well as automated and manual grinding & shot blasting. All of our machinery is electronically controlled, meaning parameters such as temperature in the holding furnace, injection forces and automatic rejection & adjustments are made according to previously programmed protocols.

The production cycle is supervised by the individual machine operators and section team leaders as well as a software data capture system.

The final objective is to achieve the perfect component; this requires balance between the tool design, the equipment used, the operator and the subsequent machining processes. Our experienced and professional team are vigilant during all steps, they make sure all risks are mitigated and the necessary care is taken to produce the highest quality product.

Surface Finishing

Funvisa can count upon the services of various key partners situated locally who offer the same level of high quality finishing as does Funvisa in it´s casting and machining of components.

Our clients can have their castings heat-treated, painted, powder coated, KTL, polished, galvanised (various types) and other specific surface finishes depending on the final product usage.

We are confident that every aspect of the casting and finishing process is made to a level that enhances the subsequent finishing process. The tool design and fabrication leads to a fault free surface, the machining techniques further upgrade the part, and finally our trusted partners employ the latest plating and coating materials to achieve an immaculate result.

  • Polishing – Scotch, grained, matt & gloss finishes
  • Powder Coat Painting – Good anti-corrosive characteristics & fine aesthetics
  • Galvanisation – Chrome & Nickel plating; leads to high end finishes
  • KTL – Very good anti-corrosive properties whilst maintaining tight tolerances

Assembly, Storage and Logistics

Funvisa has two storage facilities with over 3.000sqm available to meet our logistical needs.

The production facility is dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and finishing of components, once the process has finished, final inspection and release to the storage facility occurs.

Depending on whether or not the product is finished or not will determine the storage facility in which the component resides. All stock is fully accountable and traceable through all process steps.