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Quality in all Process Steps.

Quality, price and logistics; the pillars of our success!

Strict Quality PolicyWe feel that quality is the key to success in our sector. For this reason we pursue a strict quality policy which is based on the principle of “zero complaints” . For long term relationships with our clients defect free manufacturing is a must. Quality is the most important aspect of our work, our components must be cast, processed, machined and finished to the most rigorous specifications.

Quality Systems

We are proud of our ISO9001: 2015 certification, proving our commitment to quality. Not only do we pressure ourselves to improve quality and to be certified but also all of our key partners and sub-suppliers are certified too, this ensures no weak links in our manufacturing chain!

We are also investing resources in the implementation of Kaizen philosophy to improve our working environment and to optimize all of our processes. Small incremented steps making everything we do a little bit better; every year both Funvisa and it´s clients will reap the benefits.

In the near future we are looking to implement the quality assurance system following ISO TS 16949 standard. This is a strategic objective Funvisa would like to implement in the near future and has taken the initial steps on that journey.


Highly Qualified

At FUNVISA we take care of our people. Our quality team are highly qualified and experienced. Our staff´s safety and health is also important to us and we diligently follow a workplace safety program and train all employees in working safety and preventing accidents at work.

At Funvisa we also take care of our product. Our company receives only certified alloys from qualified Spanish aluminium suppliers. Hi tech laboratory equipment is used to carry out tests on incoming raw material as well as internally manufactured parts. We can count on; a spectrometer for revealing chemical composition of the received and manufactured raw material, X-ray equipment for porosity testing and two 3D measurement devices for precise dimensional surveys. We carry out microstructure testing and other procedures in external laboratories close to the foundry.

Download Our Quality Certificate

Quality Certificate

ISO Norm 9001-2015

Download our Quality Certificate (English Version)

Quality Certificate

ISO Norm 9001-2015

Download our Quality Certificate (Spanish Version)